Gymnastic Strength Training

We are excited to help you create your new life of strength and excellence. We nurture high achievers to have them looking and performing at their peak.

A World Class Strength Training Program

"During his extensive 40-year coaching career, Coach Sommer, founder of GymnasticBodies, took meticulous notes on his training techniques—his wins and failures—so that he could translate the best elements into a superior exercise system for both high-level and beginner athletes. His four decades of careful observation led to the birth of Gymnastics Strength Training™ (or GST)" - Tim Ferriss.

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Welcome to GymnasticBodies Singapore

We are the first boutique gym to become an affiliate of GymnasticBodies. We started out as BodyTree GST in 2015 and we are now known as GymnasticBodies Singapore. 

Gymnastic Strength Training or GST™ is a world class bodyweight training developed by Coach Christopher Sommer. It's a fitness training program for adults to achieve incredible strength and mobility - like a gymnast!

How to Start

Group Classes

Our variety of group classes focus on different elements of gymnastic strength training.

Foundation - strength and conditioning to achieve gymnastic skills like straddle planche, side lever, front lever, single leg squat, hollow back press, rope climb and manna.

Mobility - focusing on building strength and flexibility in all the joints. It's essential for gymnastic skills, and it's a key limitation for most adults.

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Before joining the gym, a pre requisite is a GST Assessment. This is a 1-hour personal training assessment.

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Personal Training

It doesn't mean you can't do gymnastic strength training if you travel frequently or have a hectic schedule. Personal training allows you the flexibility and progress at your own pace.

Imagine the strength and mobility you acquire to boost your energy for your lifestyle. 

Gymnastic strength training is highly effective and it's time well spent.

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Before joining the gym, a pre requisite is a GST Assessment. This is a 1-hour personal training assessment.

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Beginners Foundation

This class is specifically designed with complete beginners in mind.

Here you will get acquainted with all the beginning progressions of the GymnasticBodies program we use in our Foundation classes, with time given for understanding the basic principles of correct form, alignment and terminology.


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There is no pre requisite to join the Beginners Foundation classes.

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